Thursday, January 16, 2014

The rotating gear (and gear repair) closet

I left decoys, solo weights, and several long lines in a decoy sled.
Add a foot of snow, which melted and refroze, and now I have this mess.
I sometimes envy outdoorsmen and women who live somewhere or pursue something that is a 12-month (or at least a 10.5 month) pursuit.  I envision being able to keep my gear straight on an ongoing basis, always conscious of things that needed to be cleaned, oiled, or painted for the following week's expeditions.

After thinking to myself in January 2013,
"I need to re-rig about 40 of these decoys
this summer," I ended up having to buy
700 feet of decoy line in January 2014
to finish the job as the decoys get
pressed into service again. 
But I'm an outdoor addict of a different sort.   I like to fish saltwater, freshwater, coldwater, and warmwater.  I like to hunt ducks, geese, quail, turkey, and to a lesser extent, deer.  Until gas hit $3/gallon, I used to surf a dozen or three times per year too.   Gear is always getting pulled out of storage, into use, and then dumped back into storage.  Sometimes it works great.  Usually it works okay.  Sometimes it's a failure, when I do an inventory the night before a big hunt and realize that I need to adjust the lines on four dozen decoys, buy a new battery for the red dot sight, or whatever else.  It's maddening.

But like the 12-month fly angler who studiously crafts his or her next batch of flies, I don't mind the work - it's the surprises that drive me nuts.   Last night found me up until 1am replacing some fabric decoy cord and bad knots with Tanglefree PVC decoy line and Drake aluminum crimps.  It was fun - but it was a job.  Twenty more days of hunting season - let's hold this train together as it barrels down the tracks!

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