Saturday, March 22, 2014

Loch Raven Winter Hike

Last day of winter, so says the calendar
We have at least one more blast of snow on the way, seems like it will never end.  But the periods inbetween the snowstorms are getting longer and warmer.  You can almost feel the souls of millions of people awaken and stretch in the Mid-Atlantic.  Tired of the coldest winter in 20 years.

I feel like things are coming alive again.  Birds are singing in the trees for the first time in almost six months.  The winter ducks haven't left, but the swans and geese have all flown north to Pennsylvania and beyond.   Spring is around the corner.

On a good snowmelt day, I decided to take Hank to our local watershed property for a hike.   I wondered if the reservoir was still was.

But the air temperature rose into the low 50s, giving Hank some spunk and giving me enough energy to keep up with him for a few hours outside...shenanigans good to be outside again.  We looked through holes in the ice for any signs of moving fish...absolutely none.  Won't be long though, and the boy begged me to bring him back to find them.

Hank's first antler shed...the squirrels had chewed it up quite a bit

Walking the plank

The boy is a fan of acorns and hickory nuts

Playing in a coldwater spring

Head in my lap, looking at the clouds 

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