Tuesday, April 22, 2014

High Water, High Hopes

Had 90 minutes inbetween meetings on the road, so I decided to hit my local trout spot for the first time this year.  I kept my attitude and anxiety in check headed down the road, which I thought might guarantee success on a pretty fertile stretch of water.

So, speaking of water.  It was high.  Flow was quadruple the rate that I prefer to fish in that river.  I had chest waders, so I dealt with it, but it was impossible.   I left the fly rod in the truck and decided to chuck inline spinners at trout and smallmouth.   In that current, nothing was coming up, so I had to experiment with split shot to try to get low in the water column.  Our serious winter has seriously altered the stream channel and the layout of pools and runs, which meant a lot of lost tackle.  At least five spinners.   Every attempt to get lower and heavier was met with an impossible snag.  Every attempt to lighten the load saw my lure tumbling downstream uncontrollably near the surface.

I honestly don't remember if I caught a fish or not.  Seems like I did, but it wasn't a bass or trout, and if it were something interesting like a fallfish or sucker, I'd have remembered that as well.

Oh well.  Here's to waiting out lower water.


Alex said...

That tangle makes me cringe haha

Kirk Mantay said...

I'm not proud of my language or my attitude when that tangle popped up on me. I'm glad neither are on video. I knew that it was time to go back to work after that.

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