Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bass Spawn Sneaks Up on Me

I'm only occasionally sneaking out to fish this spring...soon to be summer...because...well, because.  My travels put me at one of my favorite places to fish, although it's one of the toughest places to catch bass.  Even though the lake is posted catch and release, significant issues exist with poaching.  A few years ago I had a really disappointing trip here when I saw that groups of men had been seine netting bass off their nests.  No evidence of it this time, thank goodness.   In addition to poaching, the lake has extremely heavy cover and experiences a lot of fishing pressure by pretty talented anglers.

I gave it a go, and was a bit disappointed to see big bass sitting on nests in about four feet of water.  I sight casted to them, but they were totally uninterested in the wide variety of lures I sank down past their faces.  A few chases but no bites.   Sunfish were also spawning, and I caught a single bluegill.  As it always seems to be at this lake, the sunfish chase lures but never really inhale a hook.

Next time? Who knows!  For now, I'm in a waiting pattern until the bass spawn ends.

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