Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Big Water, Big Fly Tackle....Big Waves?

I finally got my new 8wt TFO rigged up and decided to hit the beach, literally.  Arrived at sunrise to look for small, breaking rockfish on the tide change and what were predicted to be slack winds and glassy water.  

Actual conditions were 10-15kt SE winds with 1-2' waves.  Water was boiling and turbid.   Didn't see or hook a single fish, but slinging around big flies from a big rod is usually fun anyway.  I gave it about a solid hour, mostly fishing a break inbetween the tip of a jetty and a stone breakwater 30 yards past it, and didn't detect the slightest part of fishiness.

Luckily, had my freshwater gear in the car and called fishing buddy Joe to hit the property's brackish "impoundment," really, a semi-occluded pond, for those of you keeping score at home.   Tried to throw big flies from the big rod, but shoreline trees weren't amenable to it.

Got to have a nap on the beach, some good shop talk with Joe (a habitat restoration guy, like myself), and overall a pretty zen way to start a workday.  Popped into the office at 9:01am with a good head on my shoulders.   But next time, I'll check the marine forecast data myself.  And bring the kayak.

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Atlas said...

TFO makes some fine rods. Especially love the TiCRX, just a super stick. I have the Echo Ion in an 8 wt but am jealous of my dads TFO.

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