Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Does Anyone Actually Fish in Portland, Oregon?

Why yes, I'm Captain James Ross.  My
boat, the FV Yes Me'lady, leaves from a
private dock on an unmarked street at 10am
on prime numbered calendar dates.
Except tuesdays.  We watch
Archie Bunker reruns on Tuesdays.
We don't catch a lot of fish.
It's $200/hour. 
I'm preparing for my first trip to the west coast in 8 years.  I've almost forgotten what it's like out there.  That people expect you to be relaxed and not wound up and fired up all the time like we are in the Mid-Atlantic.   The sight of temperate rain forests.  Or harvested trees so big that only one tree trunk fits on a 40 foot trailer.

But one thing I'm having a hard time abiding by is how to get a fishing guide in Portland.  I've got some evenings and some early mornings where I can get on the water, and I'm willing to pay.  What I won't have is a car, or any significant amount of gear.    So it's kind of a head scratcher why I've contacted about a dozen fishing guides in the Portland area, small businessmen in their own right, and only one bothered to write me back (to say he would be out of town).   I literally can't find an Oregon charter captain interested in fishing. 

I don't know how many legal businesses exist where people email a vendor out of the blue and say, "Please take my money at your convenience, and let's do it by your rules only!," but I've long thought that guiding is - improperly - one of those types of businesses.    That the response to such an inquiry would be, "Naaaaw.  Not gonna return that phone call.  Not gonna respond to that email," is absolutely mind-blowing.

That brings me to blogs.  If you type in "outdoors blog Chesapeake" or "outdoors blog Maryland", you come up with a huge number of active sites, including (sometimes) this very site.   But the only fishing "blogs" for Portland are outdated websites for commercial captains (you know, the ones who don't return phone calls or emails because it's soooooooo last century).   

So I have to ask, does anyone actually fish in Portland?  In Oregon at large?  Who are you? Where are you?

So, here I come, Portland.  I hope you'll awaken my curiosity and my imagination.  Maybe I can awaken some fishing guides too, because clearly they're busy doing << insert stereotypical Portland activity>>.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a fishing guide close to Portland. Part of your problem is timing. Willamette river that runs through Portland gets too warm in the summer and fall to hold many salmon and steelhead. In the springtime Willamette is jammed with fisherman fishing for spring Chinook. Many of those chinook are caught in the harbor downtown Portland. In the summer and the fall you'll find majority of fishermen, especially guides, on the lower Columbia. Why? Because that's where the fish are. This year's projected to be an epic run of fall chinook coming up the Cloumbia River. If you're willing to rent a car and drive a few miles and find a guide who has space available you'll have an incredible experience. I have very few seats available. My contact information can be found at: www.fishwithdan.com

Kirk Mantay said...

I'll give you a ring! I figured I might need a car for a day to get to the COlumbia.

Thanks for the info!

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