Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Plans for New Places - Nebraska Hunt 2015

I am exhausted.  My wife's exhausted.  We've been that way since before we found out she was pregnant with our son, which was around January 10, 2009 (I was on a hunting/work related trip in Virginia Beach, sitting at my brother's computer, when I read the news via email).   We used to travel to cool places all over the western hemisphere.  Now we travel to reasonable places with affordable lodging and "kid friendly" restaurant.  And I wouldn't trade it....most days.  

I've had standing invites from two friends to come hunt in Nebraska for six years - since just before we found out that The Mayor of Tiny Town was really going to appear.   Finally, in Fall 2015, I have committed to making it happen.   When I told my wife and promised her that the cost wouldn't be exorbitant, of course a few days later one of my two Nebraska buddies announced that he'd taken a promotion in North Dakota.   And one day, I'll get there too.

The simplest thought was just to go on the Nebraska trip - no other guests, no encumbrances.  Instead, I thought about it quite a bit and floated the idea to my two brothers.  Between our busy work and family lives, we only hunt with each other a few times per year.  Both were eventually convinced to join me on the trip and so we're going.  We're really going.

Our first hunting trip out west is actually going to happen.


Adam said...

Good luck! Not sure where you're going, but I'm from Valentine, NE; which is on the northern boundary of the Sandhills - which is to me one of the most beautiful places in the country! Amazing opportunites to hunt and fish almost anything here too!

Kirk Mantay said...

Chase County, western NE.

I hear great things and I'm looking forward to seeing a new kind of country. My only trip to the state was to Lincoln about 15 years ago. It was nowhere as flat as I imagined!

Although, the amount of corn in tillage was about what I expected, ha ha.

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