Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Call to Action: Sunday Hunting in North Carolina - CALL LAWMAKERS TODAY

According to CJ Flay of "Legalize North Carolina Sunday Hunting for All,"  HB 640, the Outdoor Heritage Act, received a favorable vote in the House Rules Committee on April 27.   HB 640 provides:

  • Sunday hunting on private land, by landowner permission only
  • Additional funds to secure public access for youth hunters
  • Additional funds to hold hunting recruitment events for youth hunters
  • Increased penalties for poachers/trespassers
Those sure seem like no-brainers to me, but today is the day.

On April 28, the House will likely take up HB 640 for a vote.  Please call your lawmaker if you own, rent, or hunt on private property in North Carolina. 

The bill's opposition largely lies with Christian groups who believe that NASCAR, NFL, fishing, target shooting with machine guns, riding ATVs, and liquor sales (all of those are already legal on Sunday in NC) are compatible with Sunday church going, however, sitting in a duck blind and firing one shot at one duck, and then driving to Church, is not compatible with Christianity at all.

As a Christian, I'm disappointed in these groups attempting to legislate church attendance by limiting Sunday "diversions" (many states had bans on Sunday fishing in the 1800s for the same reason).   There is so much work for our churches to do in our communities, 7 days per week.   A mother can't take her son duck hunting before 11am services? Really?

Click HERE to find your legislators.  Please call and email today! 

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