Monday, July 13, 2015

What it Costs to Build Summer Memories for Kids

Since I've been lacking words for awhile, I'll keep it short.  I'm reveling in my dedication (or luck) in providing great memories for my son outdoors.  Sure, I'd love it if we could float the Poudre together, or fly fish the Abacos.  But who needs all that?  On the other hand, my failure to be able to take my kid hiking in Peru doesn't mean we have to sit around and watch TV this summer.  Neither do you.

Swimming with a new friend....cost:  3 mile trip to local river put-in, $50 youth PFD, $1.59 generic Oreos.
Watching back yard fireworks with cousins and uncles.  Cost:  $40 of roadside fireworks. 
Catching white perch in a pond where federal biologists said they would never migrate into... Cost:  $3.69 Beetle Spin, fishing license, 30 mile round trip.
Hunting for tree frogs at night.  Cost:  Free sticks, warm shower after falling into funky water in the dark. 

Rainy day at the beach...who cares?  Cost:  $4 parking, $89 wetsuit, size 8, purchased for child when he was size 5 (note - rolled cuffs), $17 flounder nuggets for lunch, free ketchup, $6 for two lemonades (free refills). 

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