Monday, May 16, 2016

What's Up in the Rainy Mid-Atlantic Outdoors?

So apparently changing all of one's computers, cell phones, and office address in a 90 day period is not helpful for the production of digital content.   Check.

It has been an interesting spring for Mid-Atlantic Outdoorsmen and women.   

  • The oft-maligned EPA Clean Water Rule has survived several Congressional attacks and awaits a federal lawsuit in the 6th Court.
  • USACE v. Hawkes, a Clean Water Act case focused on whether citizens have the right to administratively appeal federal agency actions, is before the US Supreme Court, with a decision (anticipated to be against USACE/EPA) due in June.
  • Kolbe v. Hogan (Maryland Assault Weapons Ban) is before the 4th federal circuit *again*, this time en banc.  Decision anticipated in late 2016.  
  • Virginia failed to repeal or restrict hound hunting, while states to their south took direction actions to do just that. 
  • December 2015 and March 2016 were record hot weather months, while May 2016 is a record cold weather month already. 
  • 2015 was a banner year for aquatic grasses in the Chesapeake Bay.  

April was cold and rainy and afforded few times to go fish.  However, we did fly south and get offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, a report I look forward to sharing with you. 

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