About Me

The outdoors is my mistress, and she's an expensive one.  I work outdoors and have dedicated my career to protecting and restoring wetlands, streams, and other wildlife habitats. Outside of work, I fish, hunt, kayak, and occasionally surf (one habit that fell victim to high gas prices).   I'm also an obsessive gardener, with an interest in sustainable food production and urban farms.

Since 2007, River Mud has been a side project that is equal parts outdoors diary, mental therapy, and a record of a life afield.  Over 500,000 readers and 600 posts later, I'm still here.

From time to time, I contribute outdoor recreation and conservation writing to other websites, including the Back Country Journal, the Outdoor Blogger Network, The Unlucky Hunter, The Brookfield Angler, the South River Federation Blog, and the Bay Trust Blog.  I'm also fortunate enough to teach environmental science, ecology, and geography at the college level (you know, in my spare time), and bang away at the keys for various ghost writing tasks, when the opportunity presents itself.  I've read that highly successful people keep a journal, and so let's disprove that: my monthly personal journal is right here.

I'm outdoors-obsessed on the Chesapeake Bay. C'mon in!
Just a day at the office....

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Over 12 years ago, I started this blog. There were very few conservation or outdoor blogs at the time, few websites with fast-breaking con...